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“In today’s world which is full of uncertainties, reducing risk to life by controlling diseases becomes most important for all human beings. The drug companies aim to provide treatments for disease control in a manner which reduces not only their risk but also the risk to the end user i.e. the patient/consumer. The drug companies are firm believers in providing not only cost effective healthcare but also medicines with the lowest risk to the consumer i.e. harmful side effects.
Many of the branded drugs being sold by the drug companies today are/ would be going off patent in the next few years. These face sales competition from their generic counterparts known as off patent drugs. The generic counterparts are as bio-equivalent as their branded counterparts is a fact which drug companies selling generics seek to establish so that they can sell their generic products in their country of interest.
For establishing the bio-equivalence of their generic drug products, drug companies selling generics approach at CRO’s to conduct bio-equivalence studies of the same in healthy human volunteers. This is called as outsourcing of bioequivalence studies to CRO’s.
Veeda Clinical Research is leading CRO providing outsourcing solutions for Bio-equivalence studies for the drug companies and has been responsible for conducting greater than 250 studies in its Indian unit in Ahmedabad itself since its inception.”

The trends in Global Pharma are moving towards looking at movements in emerging markets like India. This means looking at cost effective destinations like India in a major way. The reasons for these movements are many. Global Pharma is tapping the vast talent pool of scientists and the patient pool available for conducting clinical trials. These trends have started since 2005 and are in continuation till date. Keeping in mind the market scenes currently, these are likely to continue at modest pace.
An interesting point which got reflected in the last few months is that Global MNC’s which have presence in India are hiking their investor stakes in their Indian Subsidiaries. This comes in the wake when major Indian Pharma has been establishing their presence in the Western world (USA and Europe) in many ways i.e. by acquiring or establishing business offices.
The outsourcing scenario for clinical research has taken a shift in a big way towards the Indian geographical zone. Outsourcing organizations known as CRO’s hold an important and significant area for the Global Pharma. As the Global Pharma market strategies are increasingly taking a shift towards emerging “”GENERIC DRUG”” Markets of Asia (Primarily India in a major way), it would be an obvious scene for a large flow of outsourcing of BA BE Studies (Bio-Equivalence Studies) of Generic Drugs (Off patent Drugs) . This would mean the Indian CRO’s conducting BA BE Studies would have an important presence in the Indian CRO space.
Veeda Clinical research has emerged as a leader amongst Indian CRO’s in the field of conducting Bio-Equivalence Studies for Global Pharma. ”

A “2″ way approach to business
The Cancer Health forecasts are very promising and are expected to grow at a rate which is higher than the world pharma market growth rate. The market is expected to reach a an approximate size of greater than US $ 75 Billion by the year  2011 according to IMS forecasts in the recent past.

1st approach-

This process highlights the potential growth of the pharma cancer pipeline primarily in new drug development. This of course would be subject to a lot many factors related to investments in their pipeline.  The drug development process for various Cancer trials are conducted with a goal of achieving all unmet needs of cancer patients. These involve a great deal of outsourcing to CRO’s & trial sites owned/affiliated to CRO’s. Veeda Oncology is a dedicated division of Veeda clinical research which has its dedicated trial sites in Europe, USA & India to cater to the outsourcing needs of cancer drug development programmes of global Pharma.
2nd approach-
All those branded cancer drugs going off patent would face market erosion from “”generic biologics/ biosimilars””.  The current health policies in the USA outlined by President Obama’s government for cancer treatment for existing patients with known treatments for cancer control go in favor of  “generic biologics”.

Although the  laws are taking “shape”to outline” the safety profiles of generic biologics, the days are not far when the same would be available as cost effective bio-equivalent  and safe versions of their branded counterparts in the world.

Veeda Clinical Research is a CRO which caters exclusively in a major way to bio-equivalence studies in all therapeutic areas of interest. “

“The treatments for the known and the unknown are being provided by the drug industry in a big way. The drug industry aims to provide treatments which are not only cost effective & reach the masses in a big way but also treatments which are safe. Safe treatments are those treatments which provide cure to the ailing with minimum side effects & minimum harm.The safest drugs available for treatment today are the off patent drugs i.e. the generic drugs. The pharmacokinetic profile of generic drugs is “”known “”. The possible reactions and relevant actions of generic drugs in the human body are known and proven over a period of time. The risk map of the drugs to the human body can be drawn at nay period of time.
Establishing a bio-equivalence of a branded drug (off patent) with its generic version becomes the objective of proving the effectiveness of a generic drug in a healthy human body.
Studies which are conducted for the same are known as bioequivalence studies (BA-BE studies) and companies which conducts these studies in a major way are able to establish their presence in a major way in the generic outsourcing market.
The leading provider of such services today is Veeda Clinical Research which not only works the cost effective way but also ensures the existence of SAFE and steady path as a renowned outsourcing provider. “

Today’s’ News on the alliance between Pfizer & Claris life sciences, Ahmedabad has its own story to tell. It has been flashed across major newspapers across the globe. The news has made waves and it highlights the unique strategies that global MNC’s use for increasing their market presence in not only their parent country but also in other emerging markets. Pfizer the world’s number one Pharma major is a classic example of the same. Pfizer believes in going the “alliance” way & prove its dominance. After the licensing deal with Aurobindo in the southern half of India, Pfizer has cautiously moved upwards towards the Western Indian Pharmaceutical market by targeting Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The answer that came finally was a Tie-Up for selling generic/Off patent Injectables to the hospitals of the developed & semi developed markets.
Claris can certainly not expand its “Indian Base” in other countries for selling the same. Pfizer, the company with a worldwide presence & in its strategic quest to establish its strong “”interests”” in India became the ultimate winner.
Both the companies stand to improve their profit margins in this deal. The deal would cover 30 Products of Claris which would be marketed under the Pfizer label to across countries in North America & Europe to name a few.
This deal will bring in a new dimension to the Global Pharma market presence.”

Across the world there is a motto which is moving across the world such as save water, save energy and last but not the least save for the future. The drug industry is no exception to this motto. The drug industry aims at providing treatments for the known disease pattern in a major way. A lot of the unknown disease pattern is targeted by the hefty research and development budgets of the industry.
The drug industry talks of reaching the masses in a major way. For doing so, it takes the help of the ruling government authority of that country to succeed in its plans. In the developed nations where government policies are responsible for reimbursing health care costs to the masses like USA & Europe, the healthcare focus would aim at providing cost effective healthcare to all. For the known disease patterns, off patent versions of existing known as generics prove to be the most suitable from all aspects of healthcare reimbursements.

The US government and the European government and their associated bodies are all in favor of saving healthcare costs in a major way by encouraging usage of ONLY generics in their respective countries. This is best method of SAVING lives by SAVING on Healthcare costs.
All generics need to be bioequivalent to the original patented drug. They can be proven to be bioequivalent to a patented drug if tested in a study on healthy human volunteers. The companies which conduct these kind of studies for the drug industry are called are CRO’s .i.e. Clinical Research Outsourcing providers.
Veeda clinical research aims at providing BA-BE studies to prove that generics are as bioequivalent as the patented drug in a major way.

Veeda is the service provider with a “SAVINGS “approach for the world’s drug industry.