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“Taking a focused approach towards research and development is the trend in global pharma particularly the giants like Pfizer. In the year 2007 Pfizer had placed a projected pipeline of 475 drugs which exactly after 2 years has shrunk to 175. This is drastic reduction of its clinical development programme. Failing trials and unfavorable trail results have haunted the Global MC in the last 1 Year and have them to look for alternatives to sustain their in house clinical development programmes. The alternative to sustain growth puts pressure on the existing drugs on account of the pressure of generics. The recession has made the MNC’s tap the emerging nation geography.
Another initiative that MNC’s are and have undertaken in the recent past is tie-ups with major initiatives for partnerships for neglected diseases for the African countries particulary in the area of malarias and visceral leishmaniasis, and Chagas disease etc to name a few.
The MNC’s are also forced to move towards the generic drug markets particularly the Adain Countries like India and Japan by either trying to promote their own generics in the respective countries, with tie-ups or by a licensing strategy with Indian Pharmaceutical companies.
Veeda Clinical Research is an Indian CRO which provides cost effective Bio-Equivalence studies for the drug industry.”

“The Global Pharma industry has been moving ahead in its growth plans with an objective of being in the driving seat all the time. Being in the drivi9ng seat is not enough. Looking at the rear view mirror to monitor as to who is driving behind or trying to follow is the objective of global pharma today. Revamping of business goals and strategies, moving towards emerging markets, issuing press releases divesting unprofitable business, cutting down employee costs etc. have been the recent trends in the business of Pharma in the last one year.
Similar is the case with the CRO industry and the Global Pharma outsourcing trends. Moving with the times in the driving seat and looking at the mirror can be explained best with the trends of Global Pharma’s movement towards generic and emerging markets. “

“The spread of knowledge today is the key objective and motto of the Pharmaceutical industry and the CRO industry in general. This has been the prime focus arena because of the onset of recession in the last 1 year. Company promotion, tactics and business strategies have taken a turn towards the knowledge base rather than the conventional methods of flamboyancy, show biz / visuals and an extravagant publicity, etc. Companies have resorted to cost effective marketing on the web which could be webinars, blogs or newsletters, etc to avoid unnecessary expenditure on printing.
One of the very popular methods of spreading a sound knowledge base is the launch of webinars (live and archived) for the targeted audience. The speakers are generally the senior and experienced management and scientific teams of the respective companies. Emails for promotion are placed from the websites or are website generated after registration and reminders, flyers etc are sent out to keep the audience intent and attention focused till the date of the webinar.
Guaranteed success may not be achievable in the short term but a long term objective of a sound knowledge based company certainly gets reflected after such publicity.
The challenges associated with the web are many but overcoming them effectively has been the motto of the Pharma and the CRO industry.
Veeda CR is a renowned Indian CRO with a global presence which has taken the initiative to launch its first webinar on 26th November, 2009. Below are the details-”

“The messages received from the African nations in desperate need of anti-retroviral drugs are advertised by every major clip on the web.
This is certainly good news for the Global Pharma Industry in big way. The only missing link is that the same is under reported according to the United Nations AIDS agency. Accurate measures of population with HIV/AIDS are unavailable as most of the cases go undetected and hence the overall number is technically under reported.
All drug companies which are in the business of Anti Retroviral have reasons to rejoice over this “”epic”” declaration. But are the norms in the countries of IDs prevalence favorable to exports from other countries. Only government quotas of drugs are available to the population and that too in limited numbers.
Secondly, the consignments of drugs used for HIV/AIDs have to pass through the EU gateway and the EU gateway is certainly not favoring the Indian Pharma geography by any means. This is evident from the drug seizures in the EU countries like France and Netherlands.
The willingness is evident everywhere but the waiting still persists…..”

“The Need of the hour is patience and hard work is a motto framed and floated years ago with an intention most of the achievable aspects and deliverables needed to sustain success is not undermined.
The Pharma industry is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts towards emerging markets and to establish generic drug presence in major way. Looking through the times of recession and the ongoing cash crunches in companies, the organization leaders and management are forced to revise their goals on an ongoing basis and be on the lookout for emerging and profitable opportunities to sustain, capitalize and build on their growth. ”