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”Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is sort of a misleading term, as it’s not software in a traditional sense. It uses a web-based system and off-site computers—run by another company and operating in a “”cloud”” that is basically the internet—to collect and sort data and turn it into actionable intelligence. In pharma’s case, this would be the basis for sales force automation (SFA). Sales reps input call notes and set up calls and look at their doctors’ latest prescribing habits through this program. Line and bar graphs, sorted lists with prescribing percentages and past performance not only give reps a leg up, but let their managers keep an eye on them.
SAS is utilized in service based industries like CRO’s which conduct clinical research for off patent drugs. The off patent Drugs are generally tested for bio equivalence studies and the data obtained from the analytical laboratory sample analysis is then fed into SAS to obtain a final report of the generic drug performance in the human plasma versus the test drug once the basis of study randomization has been completed. ”