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‘Make In India’ is focusing on Pharmaceutical sector this week. Considering India as one of the major markets for Pharmaceuticals in the world this is a great move. Right from the beginning there has been much hype about Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s dream project ‘Make In India’. According to experts the program is promising and will have great and enduring effect on Indian economy through manufacturing industry.

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As the wise saying goes ” Health is Wealth.” Human health today is of key concern among all. For the betterment of health and well being, everyone needs to safeguard against all possible known and unknown attacks of disease. Medicines help us tackle the existing diseases. However, new medicines are required to tackle unknown diseases. New medicines can only be brought to human use if clinical research is conducted. In the present scenario where clinical research has nearly come to a halt in the country, it goes without saying that healthcare needs of millions are affected. Continue reading

Clinical trials market in India-Will the same pick up in India?

This is the key question with analysts, investors and all stakeholders who have been observing this market in the recent times. The clinical trial industry since the year 2006 has been expected to grow in double digits because of its vast patient population.

However, things have not been bright for the industry particularly since 2009.

Data available at the Clinical trial registry of India has witnessed a step hike in clinical trial registration since it came into inception. On an international level, data at the Clinical trials Gov. site has also captured this aspect. Continue reading

The Indian Clinical Research Industry is going through a tough phase. Business in the industry is competitive because of a price war and a very stringent regulatory environment. The market was expected to reach a $ 1 billion in 2010 with a predicted growth rate of 15-20% but because of the prevailing recession and above mentioned factors, the market has yet to reach a size of $800 million in the year 2012-2013. The Industry desperately needs a growth booster. Experts of the industry also need to change the way they think about moving forward. Continue reading

Self regulation was definitely there with the Industry. Otherwise the business would not have been growing.

In a country like India where majority of the population is not so literate and not so rich, change their “integrity” for their “rights” and ultimately suffer at the hands of people who just want their own mileage. The people who are involved in the law making process do not have the relevant expertise nor the understanding of the business process. Hence the they get incited easily when something like death, or other adverse reactions takes place because of the disease itself and not the trial. Things take an ugly turn when the matter goes to courts and livelihood of people is affected. Moreover, the population which requires cost effective drugs/ new drugs for their diseases suffer too.

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In the business of outsourcing today for CRO’s where competition is stiff , CRO’s  and Sponsors need to find different ways of performing the same service.

“Creation” of innovative ideas to cater to sponsor requirements is the need of the hour. By giving the sponsor , the “routine” midday meal packaged “differently, will invite a better taste for sure.

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Some trends which are happening in the Global CRO market

  1. Market share gains made by larger contract research organisations (CRO) will be underpinned by strategic partnerships.
  2. Strategic outsourcing by Pfizer and its peers will boost the market share of the big six public CROs – Covance, PPD, Parexel, Charles River, Icon and Kendle – and Quintiles. In 2010 these companies had 41 per cent of the market; by 2015 Windley predicts they will have 49 per cent.
  3. In light of this trend many have predicted the CRO sector will split into two groups : large, global service providers working in strategic, high-level relationships; and niche providers focused on one or two therapeutic areas.

The pharmaceutical industry is passing through a very challenging period since the last 2-3 Years particularly in the area of new drug development and its outsourcing of clinical trials (Clinical Research) to external providers.

The rising rate of failures of new compounds in the post Phase I stages has added to the woes of the Global Pharmaceutical companies. Big Pharma is facing challenges ranging from the loss of patent protection on blockbuster drugs to declining R&D productivity. There are unprecedented pressures that drug makers face and what the industry needs to do restore itself to past glory. There are many different things that drug developers can do or need to do because of which they can efficiently spend their R&D dollars and avoid late-stage blow-ups. This would be a key factor in driving the market growth of the CRO’s i.e. in the outsourcing of clinical trials/ research to clinical research organizations particularly in emerging nations like India.

The forecasted/projected growth of the Global CRO market according to Business Insights is shown below: