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The ‘Make in India’ campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has 25 sectors in focus including Pharmaceuticals and Chemical sector. This may proven to be a booster dose to the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry.


The Make India campaign will result in attracting investment from foreign markets. The government has already created a dedicated online cell to answer queries from all over the globe. Primarily, the ‘Make In India’ focuses on zero defect and zero effect. In which zero defect means products which are manufactured in India should not be rejected in the overseas market. Zero effect means that the manufacturing should not have any negative impact on the environment. Continue reading

“Latin America has proved to be an emerging market for clinical trials since the year 1999. According to latest statistics from the clinical trial gov. website, the trends in the rise of clinical trials particularly Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are extremely potential especially for the Phase II-Phase III trials. The trials which are outsourced in the LA region have crossed the 2500 mark in number and at least 61% of these are being conducted for the Phase III stage.

At least 1600 trials have been registered in the phase III in the year 2008 in the major markets of Latin America. The remaining is concentrated to the extent of 23 % in the Phase II migrating to Phase III and mainly dominated by 13% in the approved drug section. As the drug approvals in the last 5-7 years have fallen and major block buster drugs have experienced failures in Phase II (while crossing to Phase III) would “”reduce/retrench”” Phase III further for the year 2009. ”