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The ‘Make in India’ campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has 25 sectors in focus including Pharmaceuticals and Chemical sector. This may proven to be a booster dose to the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry.


The Make India campaign will result in attracting investment from foreign markets. The government has already created a dedicated online cell to answer queries from all over the globe. Primarily, the ‘Make In India’ focuses on zero defect and zero effect. In which zero defect means products which are manufactured in India should not be rejected in the overseas market. Zero effect means that the manufacturing should not have any negative impact on the environment. Continue reading

The conventional use of social media is to connect with friends, near and dear ones. This concept exists worldwide. However the western world has been the first to tap the social media to its right use and that is why many good businesses thrive because of the social media. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception to the above rule.

Pharmaceutical industry in the west has picked up the social media for educating its customers i.e. patients and doctors Continue reading

“Pharmaceutical industry has now taken social media as one the major areas for its product promotion. Veeda CR occupies a niche position as it one of the one Indian CRO companies promoting its services on the Social media via business blogging.
A few inferences on the above facts:
Majority of the Big Pharma companies already have more mature Social Media strategies. Overall Social Media will play a bigger role in companies’ marketing strategies during the coming years.
Twitter is more important for proactive Social Media companies. Google is equally used at profiled companies.
Twitter, LinkedIn and Face book mean the greatest benefit for corporations actively engaged in Social Media efforts.
A few Companies report Social Media has the greatest impact on product branding and building the corporate image, followed by customer communication and education. ”

“Forecasted” Profiling of a young entrepreneur of an Indian CRO with a Global Presence
Mr Apurva Shah, GMD, Veeda Clinical for being unanimously elected as the chairman of the ACRO in India on Friday, 22nd January 2010
Veeda News Desk takes this opportunity of informing its readers that Mr Apurva shah has been the first CRO entrepreneur in the year 2006-2007 to get the Udyog Ratna ward ( Government of India felicitation) , after which Ahmedabad based CRO’s like Synchron and Lambda received the same in 2007 and 2008. In the history of the ACRO, Mr. Apurva Shah is the youngest chairman; Mr Apurva Shah’s position in the ACRO is significant because other Indian CRO leaders particularly in Ahmedabad with a history of 10 years of existence have not been nominated for such a prestigious position. The Indian CRO industry and its future is likely to acquire a new dimension. Mr. Apurva Shah is lily to achieve a role of an a
key interface between the Industry and the Indian drug regulatory authorities. Mr. Apurva Shah’s presence in the world of Indian clinical research came in the year 2005 when the market was being talked about for projecting and forecasting. His company’s presence was unknown with his parent company, Clinsearch labs, till his company merged with a Phase I unit in the United Kingdom. He re branded the merged company’s into Veeda Clinical research. The re branding exercise continued involving a flurry of activities in his domain. An MBA from the USA by qualification, his quick thinking and understanding and faith in his own and his people’s capabilities have brought Veeda Clinical research to a new dimension and have made Veeda CR achieve a growth faster than any other Indian CRO.
Mr. Apurva Shah has his ideologies fixed on his long term goals and brought in the novel concept of a Global CRO with an Indian Origin. Clinical research in the service areas of bio equivalence studies, lab services, data management and Phase I and a recent addition of an oncology division in the year 2008. These have been the growth drivers of Veeda CR’s business both by organic and in organic means.
Some of the qualities of Mr. Apurva Shah include the following:
1.  An entrepreneur with a clear vision to see and think ahead of the times.
2.   A media friendly person
3. Believes in charity- has been one of the few entrepreneurs who understand the need of corporate social responsibility. He is a managing trustee of a charitable hospital in Madhya Pradesh, India.
4.     He is very open to new ideas, enterprising but business focused
Knowing him on personal level, he is highly social and is a very good cook.”

“Social media has long been used as a means of communicating with near and dear ones. The usage of social media has been “”Untapped”” in the world of business particularly in Indian service based sectors like outsourcing. I can firmly say that people are definetely “”logging””themselves as entities on social media but certainly companies have yet to tap the idea of the entering the “”unknown”” especially when it comes to promoting services like Outsourcing Clinical research.

Trying to to explore the “”unknown dimension “” in services which are “” intangible”” is the biggest challenge for promotion on the web.

Veeda CR has taken the lead among all other Indian CRO’s and placed its promotion streagies on its Corporate Blog site in its own unique way.

http://twitter/indiancro is the twitter link for Veeda CR servives in BA BE Studies”

“Mr Binoy Gardi is a walking empire of clinical research from a lawyer’s perspective

Mr. Binoy Gardi, founder and owner of Veeda clinical research never thought in his dreams that he would one day build the platform for the making of the growth path for outsourcing clinical research to emerging nations. A lawyer by profession “dared” to do the impossible and light a match with something which a doctor or pharmacist or nay a healthcare professional would rate as a fools’ paradise.

Despite all odds, Mr. Gardi went on to make Clinsearch labs of 2005, a virtually unknown company in the Indian CRO world to Veeda Clinical research ,w well known name as one of the fastest growing CRO’s in India. Relying on inner capacities of understanding the clinical research world all by himself coupled with a strong knowledge of the laws of the Western world , he built the foundation stone of the company with Clinsearch labs with a merger with merger with Phase I clinical trial unit in Plymouth, United Kingdom. His appetite for acquisitions continued in the year 2006 when he went to acquire DICE CRO in Belgium to strategically position Veeda CR services in data management.

Strategic planning was the prime agenda for Mr. Gardi in the year 2008 when he decide to place and then strengthen his position in USA by launching a division called as Veeda Oncology in April 2008. Placing veeda Oncology division with sites in USA, India, and France completed the service profile of Veeda CR. A dynamic and young entrepreneur settled in the United Kingdom was able to realize his dreams in a short span of 5 years.

Thinking ahead of the times, his approach can defy the speed of lightning. He is an extremely meticulous and organized person and keeps and authority in all tasks. He is extremely health conscious, loves to play squash and run for miles

He is a very simple and down to earth person and is a proud father of 3 daughters.”

“Blogging for promotion of services for the CRO Industry should be perceived as chemical catalyst and not as Hammer and Nail Exercise.
The service industry espcially Outsourcing has  a very different and unique perspective when it comes to marketing. Most comanies usually take thir own approach and stance in this matter and proceed in a judicious manner.
The  message via blogging are generally floated to initailly “”attract”” audience, followed by “”gentle”” convincing stance over a period of time.
The blogs if targetted for the people in the western world from an emerging world would have to be tuned to the “”reading”” likes of the audience in mind.
Read more on the CRO trends in India at-http://blogs.veedacr.com”

VEEDA CR’s THERAPEUTIC STATISTICS in Phase I which speaks of its milestone experience of more than 20 years of our UK unit in Plymouth
Visit our website for more details-
The Women’s Health Area-
Database of around 2100 cycle active female subjects- Most of these subjects (60%) are non-sterilized females aged 18-45, post-menopausal females aged 46-64 years and elderly females aged 65-85 years.
Veeda CR has 30 type I diabetics on our database.
Veeda CR has 330 type 2 diabetics on our database.
Veeda CR has 9000 type 2 diabetics in Plymouth
Veeda CR has 200, 0000 type 2 diabetics in the SW of the UK from Taunton to Lands End
Veeda currently has a database of around 800 active male and female elderly subjects (aged 65-85 years). The South West of England is home to 11.5% of the UK’s Alzheimer’s population giving Veeda access to more than 65,000 patients with this condition