Veeda was established with a vision of creating an organization with a scientific edge, technical skills and better foresight for clinical trials; with an objective of becoming a catalyst for enhanced drug developments to facilitate better patient treatments. We aim to become the most desired partner to the Pharmaceutical fraternity globally in their clinical studies to deliver safe and quality solutions with no compromise on ethical practices.

At Veeda, we place a firm emphasis on following our value system to deliver excellence in our clinical trials. Our values and commitment to innovation, perfection and quality have helped us to establish ourselves as one of the safest and most trusted CRO in India.


As one of the core values of Veeda, honesty and integrity are embedded into our system, people and processes to ensure transparency throughout. Examples can be drawn from our Project Management processes where we have the concept of Client-specific Project Manager, who would consult the Client for any issues observed in their studies happening at Veeda.


At Veeda, the project management team and personnel of various departments at various levels in the hierarchy are encouraged to openly express any constructive ideas towards increasing the Operational efficiency in a Project / systems in general.


We encourage our employees to achieve all-round excellence. For the same, as a part of our Employee Appreciation, various awards like – “Excellence Award, Deming Quality Award, Innovation award” etc., are given to the employees by the Management of Veeda, during the Annual Function.


We are known for our innovative approaches in Clinical Research. Our Clinical Research Department is renowned amongst the Pharmaceutical fraternity for its clinical method development skills expressed during Glucose clamp studies, Experimental Medicine Studies etc., performed in-house. On the other hand, Veeda Bioanalytical Department has proven itself by having developed approximately 517 Generic Bioanalytical methods along with 35 NCE Bioanalytical methods in-house. Developing bioanalytical methods for conducting Immunogenicity studies, Complex analysis for Vitamins, Steroids and Hormones, and Elemental Bioanalysis are few more examples of our innovative skills.


We lay a firm emphasis on nurturing individual growth and therefore we encourage our employees to pursue higher education while continuing to work with Veeda. There are many examples of employees pursuing post-graduate and doctoral courses within Veeda across various work streams.